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Daleks and Wide Open Spaces

July 14, 2010

Summers tend to be crazy around here. On top of the usual writing and designing routine, I garden, help run VBS at our church, and do my best to drag the girls to see all of their relatives. We’ve already been out to Montana, have entertained family here at home, and have three more trips scheduled for the future. Lots of driving through wide open spaces.

Oh, and then I got hooked on a very old obsession of mine. Have I mentioned that I write fiction? Specifically, I write YA Fantasy, and recently got back into writing YA Science Fiction. So, on to the obsession. When I was a child, I was obsessed with Doctor Who. I didn’t have much chance to watch the new incarnations of the Doctor, but Netflix and several long weeks of studio time helped me to catch up. Oh, the doctor! Especially this newest doctor (Eleven, if you’re a fan and keep track of his incarnations). So adorable. And BOW TIES!!! As the doctor says, “Bow ties are cool.”

So, I decided to launch a second shop for selling bow ties because, once I made one, I had to make a dozen. I’m still figuring out closures and getting the details right, but I’m very VERY excited about these. *fans self* Bow ties aren’t just cool. They’re hot!

Writing-wise, I had to pause book #5 so that I could research mysteries and figure out what form to use to structure the plot. So I went back to the first book I ever wrote (18 years ago) and decided to rewrite it from scratch. It’s going really, really well. Five days and 5,000 words. Can’t get much better than that!

Oh, and my daughters are as obsessed with the new Doctor Who as I am. My three year old calls Doctor Eleven “The funny doctor,” which is about the highest compliment she knows how to give, but her favorite characters are the Daleks. We like to watch youtube fanvideos when we need to pass a few minutes here and there, but couldn’t find a single amusing dalek video. Travesty! So I edited my first video. Ever.

And that catches you up on me. I’m back now. 🙂 Soon to come: bow-ties, skirts, and the first samples from my Fall collection.


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